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EuroTempest has developed a range of new products and over the last winter storm season has proved its ability to provide accurate alerts and forecasts for a range of customers. As a result, we are confident we can continue to offer you all the information you need to understand the impact of any windstorm event on your business:

Alert Service Our alert system gives 5 day warning of significant Northern European windstorms. The trigger point for the alerts are based on your specific, predefined requirements, ie wind storm footprint size, predefined wind peak gust threshold, countries affected etc.

Aggregate Loss Forecasts We can combine your exposure information with forecast wind speeds to provide estimates of your aggregate loss from any upcoming windstorm event. The forecasts are initially issued up to 5 days before the event and are updated once a day. Since there is always some uncertainty in a weather forecast the forecast loss estimates are provided on a probabilistic basis so that you are fully informed of the likelihood of the full range of possible loss scenarios.

Number of Properties at Risk We can also provide information on the number and location of properties in your portfolio likely to be impacted by an upcoming windstorm event. This information allows the effective allocation of field resources maximising customer service and minimising frictional costs.

Post Event Loss Estimates By combining information on your exposure with observed wind speeds we can provide an accurate estimate of your likely aggregate loss from a windstorm event within 24 hours of the event occurring.

Storm Footprint We can provide a full set of meteorological observations from ~1,700 locations Europe wide to within 24 hours of the event. Our unique storm identification algorithm allows us to discriminate between serial events and assign observed winds to distinct events accordingly. We offer a summary of all postcodes materially affected by the event in CSV format.

Weather Observations EuroTempest maintains a database of observed weather information from across Europe allowing you to cross check weather related damage against observed weather conditions. Our data is sourced from the European SYNOP network. This is run by the national meteorological agencies under the umbrella of the World Meteorological Organisation and is regularly checked to ensure reliability and accuracy of the data produced. The network consists of over 1,700 stations across Europe (over 160 in the UK). Each reports every 3 hours providing a wide range of weather parameters including peak gust, cumulative rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature.

EuroTempest Website With access to our website you will have available probabilistic forecasts of wind, peak gust, 24-hour accumulated precipitation and temperature for 26 countries across Europe out to 5 days lead. Our clear graphical visualisation allows you to quickly access and understand the information you need. If more detailed information is required the forecast data are also available at either 4/5 digit postcode or 2 digit postcode resolution in downloadable CSV files.

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